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I was just sitting on the living room couch about 11PM, relaxing with my laptop when I hear a KABOOM. I hit the floor (could've been a gunshot, I didn't know. It was LOUD) and looked behind me. It sounded like something had hit the window. I looked around, and nothing was amiss, though I was understandably quit freaked out. Slowly I creeped into my dark bedroom and peeked out the window. I couldn't see anyone in the yard or anything going on (and I was NOT going outside alone) so I let it go until my stepdad came home. I told him what happened, and he investigated outside. I crept along behind him.

Sure enough, someone had thrown something (a rock?) into our window and had broken the first pane of our double-paned window. We called the police and they're talking to our neighbors to see if they did it/have any clue as to what happened. This incident really doesn't sound that scary, but I live in fear of someone breaking into the house, especially with me there. This neighborhood is safe, but there are not many street lights so it gets DARK. That scares me, too. Also, my stepdad has a job in which he has authority over others, so there might be some people who don't like him.


So this basically minor incident has shaken me a lot. It just reiterates that if I was sitting in the house with the door locked, and someone REALLY decided they wanted to hurt me they could just bust the window up and come on in. And that is a terrifying thought.

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