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A Fun Way To Deal With Depression/Anxiety/PTSD

The word ‘perfectionist’ in my opinion is too easily applauded by some and too often considered ‘cute and neurotic’ by others. In my case perfectionism is a label that covers up a deep underlying need for safety, understanding and avoidance of shame and uncomfortable experiences.

Don’t worry - I totally feel your side-eye on this and it’s absolutely deserved. I felt the same way too before I started doing this.


I don’t know how many people on GT are avid or casual users of Coursera, but I recently rekindled my love for it when I decided that I really wanted to work towards going back to school for animation, but had zero idea how to do it. My natural default when I don’t know how to do something is to “GO TO SCHOOL” anyway, so hopefully that doesn’t look as weird to read as it feels to explain in my everyday life.

Anyway, because of all the bullshit that’s been going on in my life, what I have been learning in therapy, and the general desire to not do things the “same old way” (because seriously - I’m 34 and I’m fairly certain I’ve hit the end of the road there and would like to not ram myself into a brick wall anymore), I decided that jumping straight into art history, drawing, or animation courses, no matter how much I’m interested in those things and want to pursue them, was not the right plan of attack. I instead landed on a course called Learning How To Learn.


I felt really weird even signing up for this class and nothing else, because I’ve always excelled academically and tested out with a “genius” IQ when I was 8 (not saying that to brag; IQ tests in general are utter bullshit, but that was the barometer that was used to place me in educational courses and used to evaluate my general progress in school since it was “measured”), but decided that I wanted to do something different because I’ve always been pretty lazy when it comes to school/practice/learning/etc., since a lot came easily and I thought it was totally OK to dismiss whatever didn’t.

YOU GUISE. THIS COURSE IS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. I love it like I love my old stuffed blue bunny (Blue, fyi, just in case you were interested in his name) that followed me from grade school through most of my 20s. The course is ostensibly about the neuroscience behind learning and how to take that knowledge to apply it to one’s self for lifelong education, but seriously, it’s helping me tackle the very real and serious issues I’ve dealt with my whole life in terms of depression, anxiety, and super (SUPER) shitty PTSD. I wish I had the words to effectively sell this - and God knows I’ve already spent plenty trying to convince you - but this essay really sums it up.


The quote up top was taken from the same response, btw - I don’t know how it strikes anyone else, but never have I ever read something that so completely, concretely, and resolutely pounded on the door of my mental health consciousness before, which if why I was motivated to even post all this in the first place.

This may not be for everyone, but folks - if you have a problem with any of the same mental health issues as I do, I really do implore you to at least read the course description and consider this as a possibility to your recovery routine. It’s pretty fucking phenomenal.


/end hard sell

/No, I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote this product

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