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How did I not know this exists? This blog has recipes inspired by food the GRRM mentions in the books. Above is honeyed chicken handpie, which is apparently a staple food in Winterfell.


It looks like a well-organized website, with recipes categorized by meal, region, and book. I happened upon it when I was browsing my own pins on Pinterest, and reading an article about food in fiction that I pinned before I got into GOT. If you remember drooling over the descriptions of food in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, or wished you could eat blueberries and milk in the woods like the Boxcar Children, definitely check out the article.

Oh, I also enjoyed the list of "dishes even WE can't make" on the GOT food blog, which includes such items as:

  • A great wedding pie with a hundred live doves baked within to fly out when the crust is broken
  • Unborn puppies and honeyed dormice
  • Dog sausage

Gonna go peruse some more recipes now, and pin the ones I might actually make!

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