First, and most importantly, BabySmacks is doing much better. He’s been going to school, playing with friends, and just generally feeling more himself. I know he still misses his friend a lot, but he’s coping with it better. He got sent home early today with an earache and low-grade fever, though, so we’re going to the clinic in a little while, after we pick up LittleSmacks3 from school.

The manager called on Wednesday morning and apologized for not coming on Tuesday. She said that she didn’t write it down and forgot. Uh huh, whatever... but so she asked if it would be alright to come on Wednesday afternoon, and I said, sure, why the hell not? I wasn’t able to be here, though, so my neighbor came and sat until the manager had been and gone. Manager told her that “it looks nice and doesn’t smell funny” which... thanks? I think? Dunno what that was about, but she’s off my back for the moment, at least.

OldestSmacks’ finger is healing. He kept fiddling with the bandages and picking at the glue, so it came off and there was more blood (not nearly the amounts there was when he cut himself!) but it’s going to be alright.

Other stuff: I managed to screw up my back/hip again. I mean, I have chronic pain issues, anyway, but this is on the right side and the left is usually the messed up one. Not sure what I did to myself this time, but it feels like things are grinding against each other that should be nowhere near touching. At least I can walk and move, as long as I’m careful. Bless the GTer that sent me the big heat pack, I’ve been using it like crazy!