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A Gentlemen's Guide to Rape Culture (on Medium)

So I was perusing Medium, as I often do in the mid-work-day hours, and I stumbled into this piece by Zaron Burnett III, A Gentlemen's Guide to Rape Culture.

While I am generally leery of anything written by men on rape culture, there were definitely some parts I found spot on.

Rather than focus on how women can avoid rape, or how rape culture makes an innocent man feel suspect, our focus should be: how do we, as men, stop rapes from occurring, and how do we dismantle the structures that dismiss it and change the attitudes that tolerate it?


Rape culture is not just about sex. It is the product of a generalized attitude of male supremacy.


Perhaps I'm just cynical, but while I agreed with a lot of what Burnett wrote, I almost find myself suspicious of a man who is so able to line up all the buzz words and phrases surrounding rape culture. I'm not sure why it makes me doubt their sincerity (were they spying on the Annual Top Secret Convention of Feminists?!) but it does. Maybe because even the most empathetic male ally can never KNOW what it's like to draw the short end of the misogyny stick, and even when they acknowledge that, I still feel like I'm listening to an outsider.

What do you guys think?

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