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A Genuine Question About Poverty. Don't Kill Me.

There were three big stories today about people living in poverty and their kids. The one in the NYT about the woman who was struggling to get her daughters back, the one in the Washington Post about free lunch for poor kids in Tennessee and the story about the women in prison being encouraged to be sterilized.

In every story, they were single moms with five, six, seven kids.

Why? There are free condoms everywhere. Medicaid covers the pill. (I don't know if it covers abortions.) Why have so many kids if you can't afford them? If you're born in poverty, don't you want better for your kids?


And then there's the food. Why not get beans and flour and rice and lentils with food stamps instead of Doritos for dinner? At least get peanut butter and jelly. And how do they afford cigarettes?

I just wanted some explanation of the thought process somewhere. I grew up terrified about money so now I'm psycho about it.

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