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A Genuine Thank You, Groupthink

You have changed the way I think. I am now genuinely annoyed by all the white people in these biblical movies. I want to thank you for changing the way I see.

Local theatre, I can understand it. You work with what you got. But movies, which are on a quest for realism, even fantastical realism, have no excuse. The Powers That Be call it money, or the bottom line, or getting an audience to pony up the $15 or whatever, but I think that's crap. As television has shown, when you have a good product, the likes of which no one has seen, your audience will find it. Film is a global market, and English-speakers come in a wide variety. Pretty sure Noah and his peeps looked nothing like that, and there are some amazing, gorgeous actors who look more Mediterranean. I'll still see the movie, but I won't treasure it or use it as a teaching tool, like I would if the characters looked less like me. There are plenty of Bible movies filled with people who look like me; aren't we in an age that sees the world differently? More accurately? I realize that I'm a liberal who wants to change how the conservatives see their ancestors. I also see it as an opportunity to show the world how connected we all are, historically.


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