Since I cannot turn around today without seeing some other amazing place or article KillerMartinis has been featured in (and I'm seriously like tearing up at this point) can we please all vent our celebratory glee and pride for how awesome she is in a gif party here??

It's Monday, things suck, but damn it, wonderful things still happen sometimes to people who richly deserve them, and one of us is making the world a little bit better of a place and being recognized.

To you, KillerMartinis!!!


ETA: I don't have links for all of her various coverage, but if anyone posts them in comments I'll add them here to start a collection!

Links! (Thanks Cranberry Sauce Snacktastic and k2b!!!)

HuffPo (did anyone else look at the author and at first think "OMG how dare this Linda Tirado just rip KillerMartinis off!" And then slowly have to realize that KillerMartinis doesn't actually go by "KillerMartinis" in the real world? Hi Linda!) and MORE HuffPo!


The Atlantic

World famous! (I don't speak Serbian but I'm pretty sure she's like the Serbian Britney Spears now!?)