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A good #notallmen from last night

Setting the stage:

Last night, I went to a law school Halloween party (Bar Review, for those of you "in the know"). It was somewhat cool when I left home, so I grabbed a cardigan to cover the 50s-style dress I dragged from the back of my closet and left in my pumps. I drove downtown and parked in the ramp, knowing that I probably shouldn't drive home if I had more than a drink. (You can park in ramps overnight here, but not on the street. They ticket starting at 8am).

Half an hour before bar close, I called a taxi, thinking it would take the typical 15 minutes to get there, but knowing it might take up to half an hour in our area. I'm too drunk to drive, and I know it, so taxi it is.


The bar closed 15 minutes before "close" for some reason, so I got kicked outside 15 minutes earlier. The weather has shifted drastically, and it's now windy and somewhere between 20 and 35 degrees, depending on windchill. I am woefully underdressed. The taxi does not come for my reservation time. (Whatever, they say it might take an extra fifteen minutes). It is very cold. The wind keeps trying to make my skirt fly up. I back into a corner and "Marilyn" , hoping that no one in the crowd across the street sees my panties.

The critical moment:

At this point, we're 5 minutes past the "15 minute" window, so I've been waiting about 20 minutes in the cold, trying to keep my skirt in order, and I just want to go home. Suddenly, I see two guys walking across the street toward me. They don't look menacing, but I'm alone and I just want the damn taxi to come. My thoughts: "God, please don't hit on me. Please don't hit on me. Please don't hit on me."

One guy goes about 20 feet down the block to a nonthreatening distance. The other approaches but stays about ten feet away. Dude: "Hey, are you ok? Do you need us to call you a taxi?"

I thank them and say my taxi is late but should arrive any minute. They nod politely and leave. The taxi driver calls to say he'll be there in one minute.


I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with those guys. I know it's a bare minimum, but I'm pretty pessimistic about dudes approaching women standing alone at 2am.

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