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A good Thanksgiving Weekend!

You guys, I haven't felt this good in a while!

Thanksgiving was really good - easy and relaxing. I got a lot of work done. I started two knitting projects that I can use to destress. I've only had two cigarettes in the past week. And did I mention how much work I got done?! All my work through the end of classes is done, now I can focus on finals work.

I'm so excited and happy about this guys. And my mom, who is great but not-so-good at expressing approval of my hard work and stuff, has been super encouraging and supportive this weekend. AND today, as a treat to help me get my mind clear and relax, she took me to a beading class where I made a bracelet! And I love it!!


Yes I am wearing a bathrobe in that picture because it is cold in my house okay?

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