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A good thing happened to someone in my life and I'm happy about it

So a little background: My MIL (PhGramma) lives with us as (paid) childcare. Last Saturday, we were going to go to the PhBoys' best friends' birthday party — Just me, PhG, and the boys, since PhMom had to work. But when I got home from doing a morning grocery run, PhG was feeling more than usually crappy. After some fretting about where to go, we ended up at a doc-in-a-box, where they agreed to check her BP gratis (she was very worried about her ability to pay the co-pay upfront, but there were willing to forgo that) — and found it was stroke level. So we rushed to the ER, where she insisted on having me drop her off so the boys and I could go to the party (yes, out of all of this, here two biggest worries were a) how to pay for it and b) that the boys would miss their friends' birthday party).

Long story short(er), she was told she needed to check her BP thricedaily or something, which means she would either need to buy a sphymgomamamemeterter or whatever its called or else move into a firestation. She went to go buy one on Monday, and got the run-around from her insurance/the medical-supply store about whether or not it was covered (this probably did not help her blood pressure stay at a manageable level). Bottom line, she ended up buying the cheapest model available at the drugstore, one that still probably stretched her budget (I really wish we had been in the position to step up and buy it for her, and we would have probably done so if it had been necessary, but we are pretty broke, too).


Well, we mentioned it to our Sunday School class (Yes, I'm a Christian, but not one of those Christians. Don't judge. Or judge; I don't really care one way or the other). They, as we say "lifted it up" as a prayer request, and someone mentioned that he might have an old one somewhere. Today at the end of class, this guy came up to us with a brand-new, digital bp cuff. The class had, unbeknownst to us, taken up a collection and bough PhGramma a new cuff, one that will definitely work better than the stethescopey model she has now.

It's good to know that people still do good things for people. It makes me feel like the world isn't so bad.

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