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A great, great personal crisis

Y'all. *tears*

I know I love me some Hiddles, OK? I do. I really do.


But..Daniel Craig is my Daniel Craig.

As some of you may know, this came to a head this weekend. Even the real Daniel Craig (who is totally not the real Daniel Craig, lol wink wink) was kind enough to pop in and comment during a layover during one of his many jet setting romps around the world filming movies and stuff to give his two cents.


I tried to play it cool, but it tore me apart inside. I don't know what to say.

BTW I have consulted with Burt on this matter. After a seven hour marathoning of Burt's films released from 1982-1987, Burt convened with me in a vision, most wondrous and spectacular. He told me to take the question 'to the group.' To the GROUP, you guise. Groupthink. I believe the answer is now clear.


So perhaps y'all could make your case for either side in the comments below? My Googling powers are weakened right now, due to a heavy, saddened heart over this crisis. So, if you have gifs or photos or videos that you think may help me with this crisis, please share.

Thanks and please no mainpaging.

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