Okay, are you ready? Since I embarrassed myself in my last post I will go whole hog and show you all my scary nail. This happened to me once before and stayed for about a year. I did a cleanse and my nail grew back. I know this is true but i have no recollection of how exactly how the nail grew fact, I don't really know what happened either time, except that it starts peeling near the cuticle and me being a nail biter, I had to get at it; the next thing you know:


I did warn you. It's a rough divot that is tender if bumped or to the cold. Regular touching of it is fine (not that you'd want to)

has anyone else had a gross nail like this? How can I fix it without a restrictive cleanse (I have medical sides that don't jive with that right now)? Or, have you successfully covered it? I'm so close to paintable nails!


Thanks GT :)