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First of all I am freaking blown away and ecstatic that BRIMSG's BUNNY BOMBING™ is the most successful thing since sliced bread.

Secondly, before we get all willy nilly with it, I think we should layout some guidelines for "Successful BUNNY BOMBING™"


1. NEVER bring a troll out of the grey with a BUNNY BOMB™. They don't deserve our fluffy time.

2. BOMB THE TROLL. Hit em hard with bunnies. What could they possibly respond with to all of us? "You are stupid."? "Rabbits make good stew with venison and a sprinkle of lime and garlic." ?

3. Carry on other bunny related conversations with your fellow Jezzies IN THE THREAD. We don't just have to respond to him. Our continued discussion of bunnies without him will really up the confusion.


4. DISENGAGE THE TOPIC AT HAND. Don't argue with their dumb, hypocritical, bullshit nonsense. That's what the bunnies are for. Let them do the talking and the sniffing, and the hopping, and the fluffing.

5. The weirder the better. Just let your bunny freak flag fly.

6. ADDITIONAL BRIMSG WISDOM!: Let's not overuse it. We have already had two beautiful instances of it working so far. The trolls will catch on. Let's not get crazy with it! A troll has already called us out on the term BUNNY BOMBING™ (Which I believe we should never reveal to them) and is posting dead bunnies. For now, dismiss, and disengage.


Read up on your history here, here, and here.


Class dismissed.

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