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A Half a Million People Marched in the Streets of Montreal for the Climate Strike

I have never been prouder of my city. We all knew it was going to be huge - almost everyone I know went today. I was unreal. I was able to see Greta Thunberg speak which was wonderful.

My own school cancelled classes. So did many of the schoolboards, universities and other colleges. It was mostly local attendance, which mean a quarter of the city was out today.

Here’s some footage of the march:


The crowd was never ending.

In a funny moment - Justin Trudeau (who financed a pipeline and got dressed down by Greta Thunberg this morning) was *almost* egged (the police stopped the protester). Trudeau is getting a lot of heat for being a hypocrite.

We’re going into an election.  Hopefully this march spurs some change.

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