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A Happy Vet visit!

I had the vet out this morning to pregnancy check four heifers. Conception rate should be 30% to 50%, so I thought I'd probably have two pregnant. Guess what! All 4 are pregnant! He even paused the ultrasound machine to show me the pictures (not that there is much to see, just a little white speck really). Similar to people, there is a 20% chance or so of losing a pregnancy between 30 days pregnant and 70 days, so I will keep an eye on them and they may not all stay pregnant.

I used three hormone shots per animal to synchronize their cycles. This has an advantage for me so that I only have to take one day off of work to have the technician breed them all, and it also increases the chance they will conceive because I can predict pretty exactly when they will ovulate. Cows have also have a similar gestation to humans, so these ladies are all due December 10th. We have 250 days to think of names, better get started!

Let's celebrate with cute pictures of them when they were babies! And a more recent picture to see how they've grown.







I don't have a baby picture of Sugar, so you just get a picture from a pretty summer day.


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