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A Hate Crime Against Glassholes

Right now Valleywag has a story up about Google Glass aficionado and start-up-type-person Katy Kasmai. It's a tale of crossed wires and burned bridges on both sides.

Here's the short version if you don't want to click: Kasmai went to a restaurant in NY, was asked if she'd take off her Google Glass while dining because other patrons had complained about Google Glass wearers in the past, and refused to do so — choosing instead to leave. She then decided to salt the earth and sic her social media network on the restaurant.


Let me be clear that I don't have anything against Google Glass wearers. I mostly use the word "glasshole" because it's kind of great all on its own. I wouldn't describe someone as a glasshole unless they were an asshole first (and I say once someone's proven they're an asshole, calling them one in whatever creative way you want is free game).

What struck me as strange and terrifically inappropriate was the type of language the glassholes — I plan to show that they were assholes first in just a moment — used to describe Kasmai choosing to leave a restaurant. Check out the screenshots (courtesy of the Valleywag story I'm referencing):

I'm sorry, does this language sound ... off ... to anyone else?

Ignorant bigots and hateful. Perhaps being illegally discriminated against.

Wait, what? Is this person comparing someone being asked to take off very expensive technology being compared to a hate crime. No, that cannot be happening.


Oh, but it is:


It's amazing to me that the people who literally wear a clear mark of privilege ON THEIR FACE are decrying "discrimination!" because of something so simple as someone asking them to not do something they feel entitled to do. That sense of entitlement (is someone whispering "manifest destiny" in my ear?) is blinding.

Co-opting terminology used to describe actual discriminatory hate to illustrate how that one time someone asked you to take off your glasses so you left of your own accord is the crime here. I have nothing against Google Glass wearers but I do have a problem with people who don't examine the things they do and say outside the brain vacuum of I want I want I want.


That terminology — discrimination, bigots, hate — MEANS SOMETHING. It has to because there are no better words. So when you take it, Kasmai and Co., and make it about your minor indignation and "lost" Sunday brunch, you're hurting people. In fact, you're being a privilege-blind glasshole to people. If you think that having someone ask you to take off your glasses is discrimination, you need to get the fuck back to school, because you have no idea what discrimination is.

Or better yet, just google it.

PS: This is only tangentially related but that Xocracy website is seriously the ugliest startup/tech-type website I have ever seen outside parody. Wow.

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