Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I went back to the guy who was so offensive to me the first time. He had to build out one of my teeth after a filling, and he did it wrong. He shaped it, and he didn't do a good finish on it the first time. It was all rough and just not good all over. In reshaping it today, he kept saying that he gave me a "perfect lateral incisor." My ACTUAL lateral incisors were not shaped right, apparently. The one he crafted was flared, and far more square. I could tell it hurt him to grind it down to the right shape for me, but I didn't care. Teeth should be symmetrical. We had a lovely discussion about which is better: perfection or me? I said me. He seemed to have never thought of this before. Like, he kind of wanted to make my (perfectly healthy) other tooth look like the one he just made. Like what he did would be better for me, for my life, than what God put there, with me and my orthodontist's help.


Ugh. This guy is so smug! I am so switching dentists.

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