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A hot take this Mother’s Day

Please keep in mind this is brought to you by a very hungover me so forgive my saltiness. But I am not my dog’s mother.

I don’t want to be mean- I’m here for all the people who do feel like they are a dog parent or identify that way. And the people who are wishing me, a happily child-free woman Happy Mother’s Day as a “pet mom” are lovely and kind people, many of whom are pet owners and parents and understand how much you love both.


But y’all this dog- my beautiful sweet loving little dog who is about my favorite creature on earth and I am weirdly close to - is not my child. She is my dog.

The dog and human relationship is so beautiful and special on its own. It doesn’t need to take a name or appropriate any value from any other type of relationship to validate how lovely it is.


My dog is not a replacement for a child. She is something I have as a separate and singular entity with its own emotional joy.

I don’t feel badly about not being a mother, and I am so happy for today to be a day that is just about human moms and honoring them. I don’t need to be included, I really love the moms around me and genuinely want to celebrate them and all they do. I’m cool not being shoehorned into greetings with my pet. I’m not a mom and I don’t want to be, and I don’t need to be called one to feel okay. If it sounds like I’m being over serious on this part- how many men with pets get called pet dads and said happy Father’s Day to? I see a lot of posts on fb about happy Mother’s day to Mothers and pet moms but not the same on Fathers Day.


I love my dog and again, I love and support all the people that love their pets and however they personally define that relationship, and I love the people who seek to show respect and understanding of how much I love my dog and how special that is. This all comes from a good place. But it’s okay. My dog is my dog and that is enough. It’s so much.

With all that said, a very happy Mother’s Day to all the GT moms out there, however you personally define that! And an extra special happy mother’s day to Ranger; my dog’s actual mother :)

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