I've been sick for a couple of weeks and just rejoined the land of the living to find a new book that appeared in our house. I couldn't for the life of me figure out where it came from; my in-laws often bring a book or two when they visit my son, but this is really not something I'd expect from them. I can't tell you how happy it made me when my husband explained that someone from my family gave it to my son last weekend. I know it is probably a combination of pregnancy hormones and being weak from the virus, but I was honestly crying on lying on the couch reading this, knowing that it exists, wondering why it had never occurred to me to look for something like this before, and just being happy that I have the kind of family that would buy this for my kid in the first place. It's just a simple alphabet book, and God knows we have plenty of those, but here are some of the words used:

F is for Feminist

I: Indigenous and Immigrant


T is for Trans

U is for Union

Obviously it is highly political and not for everyone, but I think it's awesome. :) Does anybody know of other socially-minded children's book I should look for?