(Realized I should probably get that mentioned before the link—this is an article from Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra about that Consensual Torture Simulator thing from a bit ago)

Some quotes from the article:

For Kopas, there are several things that make Consensual Torture Simulator's violence unique: Of primary importance among these is the element of consent.

Upon hearing of the [GTA torture] scene, she had an idea: "I was thinking, well, something really edgy would be hitting someone who wants you to hit them, in a context where you want to do that."

"I'm not someone who in personal relationships is approaching things in that way, but I think for me, the broader parallels between games and kink is that both of them, at their best, can allow for exploration and re-definition of symbols and meanings; they can be useful and transformative," she says.

And a quote about something important, but not what got it discussed here, but that I'm including anyway because why not:

Kopas, Anthropy and other individual game makers have widely begun experimenting with monetizing their creations; their work is often cited as necessary or influential, but free games haven't earned them a living. Consensual Torture Simulator "did pretty well" on sale, leading Kopas to think about continuing to work sustainably in games.

Leigh Alexander, if that is not a familiar name, is a journalist who writes about game stuff. As you would have probably guessed anyway. Also, and this is not important to the subject at hand, she wrote an interactive story where you save a pig named Merlin from hipsters. Unless you fail. And then you don't save the pig.