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A little annoyed at work, or "Good morning" open thread!

EDIT: The grilled cheese was awesome. In case anyone else wants to know (lifted from my reply downthread)

My sis posted one of thos buzzfeed food videos. IT IS MAGICAL.

- bread of choice (I had just got a great loaf of japanese white bread and it was perfect)

- pizza sauce

- sandwich sized pep

- low-moisture mozz

butter your pan, lay each slice of bread, spread pizza sauce on each. add cheese, top with pep, combine both halves. cook a little longer on each side until cheese is properly melted. enjoy


I didn’t get much sleep last night. I woke up at 2am and basically stayed awake wondering why I deserved the ugly breakup I got after having given up and sacrificing so much for Sgt. Ex-Bf. So I’m tired, a little grumpy and so ready to be done translating this powerpoint my boss gave me into Spanish. But, like I said yesterday, I try not to wallow more than is necessary, so good things:

  • I made pizza grilled cheese for dinner last night and it was magic.
  • I’m going for a run after work (hopefully? If I’m not insanely tired?). This is really a mental investment in a future good thing/feeling hahaha
  • I’m going to CO next week, so even though I don’t have a +1 for the wedding (and even though it will be a nice, big, fat reminder of how single I am right now even though I don’t really want to be...) I am over the moon for my friend and I am so happy to see her and honored that I will be a part of her day.
  • My bridesmaid dress is really really gorgeous (there will be selfies, I promise).

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