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Hi there guys! I've been sick, so I haven't been posting as often as I'd like. But here you go! I went off and bought myself some fancy-pants makeup! Come look at it with me! Sooooo pretty….

Unfortunately, the formatting gets all wonky in Kinja, so I've not included everything here. Please head over to my precious blog, www.fiftyshadesofcoral.com to see everything in it's original and intended majestic format! Also do it because you love me. You know you do.


Mes petites choux!

I have been ill, but as I am now better and mayhap went on a bit of a shopping trip this weekend (naughty!), I thought I'd share my new precious things with all you lovelies!


First: an eyebrow pencil.


Yes, I bought an eyebrow pencil from Chanel. I know, not the most exciting thing ever, but apparently I need to keep my brows tamed and enhanced! They will frame my face and make everything in life better! The lady at the counter totally sold me on it, and while I may not be willing just yet to shell out the $45 it would cost to see her favorite eyebrow technician here in the District, I'll at least try to keep my Eyebrow Forest to a minimum at home, and get over my fear of having too-strong a brow. My hair is blonde, guys, it can be very difficult to find that happy medium of "color that actually matches the hair on my head but doesn't make me look like my eyebrows are three shades darker"! Also, only a Chanel eyebrow pencil would come complete with its own sharpener. Love it. Love love love.

(Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in #10 Blond Clair - $29)


Oh, oh my friends. This beauty is the reason I went to the Chanel counter. I had heard good things about their glosses, and as I've


been a-hunting for the perfect everyday rose lip color, I thought I'd check their selection out. All of them are beautiful. I'm not sure I have ever looked at a selection of colors and been like "Yeah, I could walk away with any one of these and be happy." Some had more glitter in them than I'd like, but I'd have still been happy with them. However, as I limited myself to one (there is one I may go back for in a couple months once I have some color - oh winter paleness, how I will not miss you), I selected this stunning shimmery rose. It looks a lot more sparkly in the bottle than it does on the lips, and is a hugely flattering shade of "Your lips, but better." It's glossy and moisturizing without being sticky (which is one of my main issues with the Dior glosses), and has impressive staying power for something so light. Will purchase again. (Please to forgive the weird picture of me. I am, apparently, not super good at selfies yet. I promise to get better! Hopefully you at least get an idea of how it looks on!)

(Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer Lip Gloss in #119 Wild Rose - $29.50)

The super helpful lady also gave me samples of their new 'Resynchronizing' skincare line, and I've gotta say, I'm seriously considering the splurge. I may only get the Le Weekend one, as all three would be SUPER expensive, but I'm absolutely loving how it's making my skin look just after a couple of days.


I might be a little obsessed, my friends. What have you guys splurged on recently? Anything I should know about? I enjoy discovering new things to covet through you, little cabbages!


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