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A little bit of positivity on Trump's earth hatred

This is something I’ve kind of suspected but I’m not knowledgeable enough about the industries to really know. Michael Bloomberg asserts that Trump can do whatever the fuck he wants, but that we are already moving on from coal because BigBizniz (and the free market) wants it that way. And he can’t stop it. (Note: I feel like he could by just subsidizing the industry or something. But Congress would have to help him). Dan Rather’s organization News and Guts shared this on FB with the following pull quote:

Those who believe that the Trump administration will end American leadership on climate change are making the same mistake as those who believe that it will put coal miners back to work: overestimating Washington’s ability to influence energy markets, and underestimating the role that cities, states, businesses and consumers are playing in driving down emissions on their own.

Another thing that stuck out to me and honestly made me feel better:

In fact, even if the Clean Power Plan disappears entirely, we would still be in a position to meet our Paris commitment, which is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.


Things I learned I didn’t know:

  • Wind energy is now cheaper than coal energy
  • There are rules about vehicle emissions that are set in stone through model year 2021
  • Obama’s “oppressive” plans to help the climate had not yet gone into effect but things have been improving without them
  • Coal plants have been planning to shut down regardless of Obama and still are no matter about Trump.

My big overall philosophical question is now: how long are our presidential candidates (and others) going to keep making these false promises and is is our national government going to just switch back and forth until all those people die because they’re never getting a coal job again?


Also, a tangential mini-rant: we give so many shits about “working class” voters because blue collar industrial voters influence elections, but like, why are things like food service and hospitality and caregiving never considered “working class?” (Rhetorical - it’s sexism and racism!) Those people should have thought of it before they got such a stupid job, right? Those people should have gone to college! Should have done better in school! But no, white men are just working class voters whom the system has failed.

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