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I love my school/admin/co-workers for the first time of my career. I’ll be back next year. It’s my first spring as a teacher in which I’m not looking for a new job.


However, this was an extremely challenging class. Now that I only have about 8 school weeks left with them, I can see how they’ve grown. We were having fistfights and I was getting assaulted regularly in the Fall.

Now, our main challenges are occasional disruptive behavior and some verbal arguments.

Because of the behavioral issues, a lot of their work kept them at their desks with worksheets for the first half the year

Now we can do projects with art integration and stuff. At one point all of my students were clustered around the same piece of paper, coloring it, AND NO ONE ARGUED.


Look at our Array City. They’ve been itching to try multiplication. Some of them even drew little scenes in the windows! (The weird black squiggles are where I censored student names on my phone.)

Most of this isn’t just me (though I’m proud.) It was team work between me, my principal, support staff, a trauma-informed education consultant, parents, and the kids themselves.

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