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This morning, I saw a family of mallard ducks stranded at a busy intersection in my neighborhood. After spending 15 minutes getting (and keeping) them out of the street, I called animal control. They didn't show up, but eventually 8 strangers, including myself and 3 police officers, gathered to rescue one mama duck and five babies, one of whom had an injured foot. One man went to get a box, a woman went to get food and water, another three of us corralled and got birds in the box, one guy pulled off the sewer grate to rescue the last baby, one police officer directed traffic, one was on the radio with animal control getting clearance to help them (turns out mallards are a protected species), and one police officer got his hands down in the muck to get the tiny baby bird who fell down the sewer grate trying to escape. No pics, because we were too busy with the birds.

Faith...restored. People are ok.


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