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Ever wonder it's like to be the best there's ever been at something most people only give a passing thought to? Every little thing that people get together to do has its own little world, its factions, its petty politics, its greats and legends, juggling included. Most people will see a juggler perform, and maybe (hopefully?) be impressed by the skill involved, but they don't think too much about where that person comes from. Jason Fagone at Grantland does a really good job of profiling the career of Anthony Gatto, arguably the greatest technical juggler who has ever lived and the juggling world in general.


This is probably the best piece I've ever read about the juggling world. Most stories about jugglers are kind of puff pieces, usually related to an upcoming show or event. Reporters will stop by for a few hours, watch a few tricks, ask a couple of questions and go on their way. They usually treat us as a curiosity and write a quick story about our 'quirky' lifestyles but Jason really took the time get to know the juggling community and wrote a fairly detailed story that explains the juggling world very well—and in a way that I think will be interesting for non-jugglers.

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