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A little help! (gift giving edition)

My niece and her wife are coming from two hours away tomorrow to celebrate her (the wife's) birthday. I adore these girls so much! My niece (we'll call her Katie) is 21 and her wife (she can be Emily) will be 24.

The problem? I have no fucking clue what to get her. They met online somehow and Katie went to England for three months to be with Emily. They both came back to the States a few months ago and before Emily's visa ran out they got married. Emily was in a horrible accident (I think she was hit by a car in London) while Katie was in England with her and is still recovering.

I don't usually have trouble finding gifts and I'll probably find something great when I actually go out later, but I could use an assist on this. Emily is very sweet, smart, practical, sensitive, laid back, recently moved several thousand miles from her family, recently quit smoking (went to e-cig and is almost done with it), had a horrible scare with the accident, and they live in an apartment in a good-sized city. She and I got a little closer when she started having PTSD symptoms from the accident and was freaked out. I let her know her experience was normal for what she'd been through and gave her names of friends I have in the mental health field in her city. We emailed back and forth quite a lot.


My default is usually a gift bag full of little fun things where every time you dig into the tissue paper you find something. Even if I end up doing that I'll get a nice card that will say lovely things, but ideas are always good.

Thanks much!!!

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