Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my FiL is out of town right now. He’s in Texas doing some kind of Civil War tour or something. Pretty much every winter he goes south to visit some Confederate site or another. Don’t quite understand why a Polish Canadian is so attached to the Confederacy (the Civil War was about States’ rights, not slavery! - my FiL) but whatever. He asked Mr I to check up on his house while he was gone.

So last night we went to a friend’s birthday party near his place, so afterwards we went over to check the house. When we got there, I remembered that I still had an anti-Donald Trump flyer I was handed at the Women’s March in the back of my car. The Flyer is from the Communist Party of Canada. My FiL hates communists to the point that he even looks on Farm Co-ops with suspicion and thinks they ought to be eliminated (of course he also has no idea that the sour cream and butter in his fridge are from a local co-op).


So of course the flyer had to go into his house somewhere. Mr Ivriniel suggested leaving it in the middle of the couch, but I figured that would make things too obvious, so it is tucked in beside a bottle of vitamins that he keeps in his linen closet.

Mr I and I have long joked about hiding things his Dad would hate in his house as there are so many possibilities when you are talking about a homophobic, xenophobic old man who would fit in with the Tea Party, except he believes in evolution. Maybe next time we should mix it up and hide some creationist material in his house? :D

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