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A long day

Some of you may remember the rootbeer float donuts I made for LittleSmacks #3 last year for his birthday. He requested them again for this year (he's 12!), but I was so not going to stay up all night making them this time! So, instead, I spent the entire morning between 7am and noon making 50-odd donuts, and then dropped them off at school for him.

The funny part is, I hadn't bothered to write down how I made them last year, so I had to search out last year's post and print my own darn recipe off from there!


Since we got our federal tax return 2 days ago, Husband and I spent the rest of the afternoon going to all 4 schools to pay whatever fees we owed from the beginning of the year, and pay for yearbooks. We have enough set aside to pay rent for the entire year (thank all the gods) so we don't have to worry about that til next March. He's paying car insurance and renter's insurance now. Next week we'll deal with phones and internet for the year, possibly a trip to Sam's Club, and then we'll basically be broke again (the rent money doesn't count as money the we "have" because that is exclusively for rent.)

Tonight, we're taking the whole circus (kids, us, O-H, Almost-MIL and BIL) out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant in town, as per the birthday boy's request. We're meeting my mom and step-dad there, since it's her birthday on Sunday. My mom has never tried sushi, so this should be interesting! 2 of the kids will eat it, the other 2 get stirfries or something.

The oldest is having some mental health problems again (still), and I really need my damn phone back so I can see if I can get him into the outpatient program. He needs more than a bi-weekly therapy appointment. He's been having problems at school again, too. But that's another post, I suppose.

I am going to go stretch out on my bed and put my feet up, because the only time I've sat down all day was in the car, and I'm tired! I'll have to move the cats out of my way, first. They were being all sweet and washing each other's faces, but now they're beating up on each other. Typical brothers!!

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