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A lot of changes are happening in my life

So many things are changing the next few weeks, I have a hard time not breaking down right now.

The thing is, the future looks great. But so many big changes are going on within the next two months, its stressing my mind and body to the max.

I've graduated, which is great! But now, I'm leaving the town I've lived in for almost my whole life. I'm excited for new sights, new adventures, new people. But I am also about to leave my family, my two best friends I've know since elementary school, this beautiful town full of amazing kind people. I'm going to miss it so much.


At least once a day I think of the packing I have to do these next two weeks, all the goodbyes I'll have to say soon, and I start gasping.

I don't want to change everything, but I am.

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