Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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A lovely non-gendered thing someone said today

Tonight the group of people I'm working with this summer started our weekly meeting off with sharing our "highs and lows" for the week. I'm not a huge fan of this activity, but this one was cute.

Two of the guys live on the same floor of our dorm and so share a common kitchen. The "high" for one of them: "I was making eggs this morning and J walked in and said they looked really good, so I made eggs for him too before he left for his internship. I felt like a housewife sending—actually, I shouldn't say that. I felt like a housespouse sending the non-housespouse off to work in the morning. It was great."


And it was the best, and I learned to love a new word. The end.

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