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A Major Nod to Female Comic Artists with "Wonder Women, On Page and Off"

If you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area before March 30, check out the Pittsburgh's Toonseum (are you kidding me, how wonderful is this name!) exhibit on the work and evolution of women's roles in comic books. Personally, I am scheduled to be in PA two days after it ends, so I'm already looking into getting into the area a bit earlier to check this out!

The exhibit highlights women's work in comics, with a particular emphasis on the parallels between the stories and women's history. They even showcase instances of the industry's glass ceiling; for example, this satirical letter from Hilda Terry to the National Cartoonists Society, suggesting that the group change its name to the National Men's Cartoonists Society:

"Gentlemen: While we are, individually, in complete sympathy with your wish to convene unhampered by the presence of women, and while we would, individually, like to continue, as far as we are concerned, the indulgence of your masculine whim, we find that the cost of your stag privilege is stagnation for us, professionally."


Likely due to this killer snark, Terry eventually became one of the society's core members. The exhibit also focuses on the ways in which women used the non-mainstream comic movement to explore areas such as sexuality, race, and social justice. As Linda Belcher would say - Yay girls, go girls!

ETA: Boo, just realized Doug did a write-up of this on the main page...well either way, go see the exhibit if you can!

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