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A marginally triumphant return to the workforce

I leave for what, two weeks? and the site redesigns again. I preemptively apologize for the missed comments and double posts that I leave whenever they move my buttons again. They're messing with my lawn around the edges and I don't like it.

So this job! You guys were fantastic talking me through my uncommon lack of nerve before I started. My sartorial choices were pretty irrelevant. What was/is a problem, the thing I was super-paranoid about, is that the culture is entirely foreign to me. They were impressed with my abstract and want a full proposal, which is awesome. But they're asking me if I'd be willing to work outside the project I was hired and funded for and help them with their communications and media work. I... am struggling with this. On one hand, hell yes I'd like to be middle-class. On the other, I'm not sure I can come in as an outsider and tell them that their stuff sucks without losing whatever potential I'll have. Their Facebook has pictures of puppies and usually links to their newsletter, which is a two-column Word doc in Comic Sans with no graphics or formatting. I don't know how to explain that the reason they're not seeing a response is that their media/comms guy doesn't know stuff like how SEO works or who the staff writer on our issue at the paper is without looking like a consultant bitch. How do you nicely tell someone they're completely unqualified?


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