Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Master of Productivity

What is your secret to productivity (although chances are all you people are at work screwing around on GT so I probably won't get any good answers ;-P )? I hit panic mode about a deadline last night - because there was an emergency that bumped something to the top of my list and screwed up my whole day. I tried to work last night, but just stared into the distance - I couldn't even start. I just COULD NOT. So I woke up at the crack of dawn, and just BUSTED THAT SHIT OUT. Like, I FUCKING KILLED IT. Something that usually takes me 3-5 hours took me 1.5. And I double checked. And it's fine.

I can only enter that elevated state of awesomeness if I am in full-blown panic mode. I really wish I could tap into it otherwise, because it is sheer magic. I do everything fast, and I do it right the first time. It's amazing. I am like a completely different human. It's like I go into "turbo" mode.


After I did that, I wrote a long screed about my in-laws, put some shit in the crock pot, made coffee, and screwed around on GT. ALL BY 8 AM.

PRAISE ME. Also, fix me and make it so I can do this for the rest of my day...

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