As some of you may know, I was unfairly and borderline illegally fired from my job last month. (You can read about the drama here My boss is being a major tool and is refusing to give me my holiday pay, so I will be starting court proceedings this Friday to get the mofo to pay up.

But that is not what this post will discuss. Instead, I want to take a moment to appreciate the things that have helped since my life spectacularly blew up. After about a month of depression and self loathing, I am finally able to see things in a positive light and wanted to share some thoughts, in case there are others out there who may be going through similarly tough times.

I am grateful that I no longer have to work in a position that compromised my moral integrity. There were things that my boss did that were illegal, and I either kept my mouth shut or looked the other way in an effort to protect myself. I hated the job because it was mentally and physically exhausting. If I would have moved, like he wanted to, I would have been even more miserable since the town is tiny with about three black people. And I saw them all.


I am thankful that the universe forced me out since I would not have had the courage to walk away. Now, I am free to find the job that I really want. And the fear of going hungry/ homeless/ stateless (though not really because I can always go back to my home country) has forced me to actively use the talents that I need to find a new job, instead of letting them stagnate the way they were when I was "comfortably" employed.

I am thankful for my mother for showing me how to cook on a budget so that I can survive on 10-20 euros a week on food. I'm grateful for the internet for giving me new culinary ideas when I grow tired of eating beans, lentils, or eggplants. I am especially grateful for the youtube tutorial that showed me how to cut up a chicken, one that has lasted for two weeks and have been made in countless ways.


I am thankful for my friends, fellow expats that have been where I am and can give great advice about survival. I am happy they listened when I said I was depressed instead of dismissing my feelings. And they helped me pull myself out of that dark time. I am grateful that one told me about the online freelance boards, so that I can supplement my income with small jobs until the big one comes. And am very grateful for the client that wrote a spectacular review AND gave me a bonus. High-five for that one.

And I so grateful for the people here. Being sequestered in my house because I don't want to leave and spend money that I don't have has been made easier with you guys. I laugh with you, cry for you, and clap with joy when someones posts good news about their life. My life is not and has not been easy. But I'm still here fighting the good fight and I know I'm able to do so because I have so many people fighting with me. So thank you.


P.S. I applied for a job that I really, really, really want. And I just saw that they checked out my blog, so that means they are actually considering my application. So send out good vibes, because that position is the one of my dreams and I would sell body limbs to have it.