There is one single person I don't like at my work. She doesn't work in my department - she's one of the sales managers. But she thinks she is an awesome writer and, to put it bluntly, she fucking sucks at writing. And she will not take anyone's advice ever. I am a professional technical writer and taught college-level writing for two years, so it's kind of hilarious to me. It's not just bad grammar, poor organization, or sentences that don't make sense - the tone of her writing is also in-your-face rude. She writes like she is talking down to customers. (and she is - I've actually heard her and our CEO say outright that our customers are dumb.) Absolutely no one at this company likes her. I just spent 3 hours rewriting the worst fucking press release I've ever read in my life, only to have her reject all of my suggestions (which I knew would happen, but my boss asked me to try to fix it).

BUT. I just went to a meeting about this one technical manual that should belong to my department, but that she has inexplicably decided is a sales document and turned into the worst monstrosity I've ever seen. And the other sales manager ripped her a new asshole. He said everything I wanted to say to her about her horrible, horrible manual. It was fucking amazing.