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A month into my year of spoiling myself

My “resolution” was to not worry about being, better, smarter, thinner, better at work or cleaner. I am just loving myself and being kind to myself to see where it takes me. Interestingly, I have been way into cooking. I always expected my wife to cook when she felt well enough since she wasn’t working. I was stubborn about it, but she made the same things. Dinner was often frozen pizza or something from a box. I refused to come home from work and cook. Now, I am cooking myself gorgeous meals. Today I had bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese (my go to snack lately), a stuffed pepper, and carrots with a maple/bourbon glaze and pistachios. I don’t even care how much work it is. I love my kitchen (I finally have a gas stove) and it’s a way to spoil myself.

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