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Surprised to say, I am having a blast. I got a ton of warnings from my girlfriends (especially when they heard that I would also consider dating men), but they overestimated how delicate I am. Yeah, people are weird and gross and flakey. I have had some great conversations, great dates, met people for hiking, and generally had fun. Met some cool people who are part of the local kink community. Also, turns out a few cute hiking pics on tinder can land you some great hiking companions. I had zero expectations other than staying busy and maybe redirecting some sexual energy away from someone who was not worth it. I am really having fun. I never really got to be single because I went straight to a committed relationship early in college and then straight from that to my wife. I am now like a 20ish 40 year old which is amazing because I get to have the fun, but I am confident in who I am and give no fucks. Turns out in spite of how grim it sounded to me...40 is the fucking best time to be single.


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