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1. Go see The Nice Guys. I walked in with zero expectations and found it delightful. It is an extremely dark sort of genre-esque action comedy reminiscent of Lethal Weapon (and written by the same guy, it turns out). Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are far funnier together than I could have predicted. And, its got one of the most delightfully satisfying father daughter relationships that I’ve seen on screen in a long time. Just in time for father’s day.

2. Resumes. The rule I have always heard and tried to live by, is that it has to be one page. This is not your CV and unless you are...I dunno Jimmy Carter, you just haven’t done enough with your life to justify not editing stuff out.

I have just graduated with my masters and am currently starting to re-enter the job market. (Looking mostly in NGOs, global health related non-profits) I just sent my resume to my sister’s friend who works in this field and her first comment to me was that I shouldn’t bother with the one page rule, because its better that I expand more on what I’ve done. On one hand, she has exactly the career I want, so I’m tempted to listen to her. On the other hand, this goes counter to everything I’ve ever heard about job searching. What say you, oh great and powerful Group Think? Am I the last to know that the one-page rule has gone out the window? Many of you work for non-profits, I know. How would you react if you got a 1.5 page resume?

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