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A Must See Movie All About Eve major spoilers tw violence against women








We saw the dvd tonight. A must watch movie. This is how to do a psychological thriller with no murder.


The downside exceedingly stagey. People especially Margo played by Bette Davis too many times spoke in monologues. Fantastic at times very witty monologues.

I was shocked no one caught Eve in her lie when she first met Margo, Karen, Lloyd who is Karn’s husband and Bill who is Margo’s bf.


The lie was when Eve said her husband was fighting in the Pacific during WW2 and she went from their home in Wisconsin to San Fransisco to met him. Eve already said she had no one close and estranged from family. Here was the lie.

He never met her because she got a letter from Washington to say he was killed. She said the government forwarded to her from home to SF. How did they know where to find her. They took the story to be true. I was mentally screaming it makes no sense.


Eve came across as humble, hardworking and nice.

The most chilling moment was when Margo’s assistant said Eve was studying Margo. Margo at first disbelieved her but realized it was true.


Karen was in some ways the major narrator. Margo’s best friend but naive until it was too late.

There are a lot of moments that are cringeworthy today. When Margo told Karen the most important job for a woman is not her career but being a woman. Also the near casual violence against women like when Bill and Margo argued he pushed her on her back on the bed. A bed in the middle of a stage. He ppinned her arms down forcing her to listen. Amazingly they ended up going to marry. Also when Dewitt slapped Eve then told her he knew the truth about her and explained what he knew.


Both acts of violence seemed so casual like its just a thing to do

If only Bette was still alive her and Streep would have been fantastic. Davis was excellent but at times her delivery seemed more like what one sees on stage.


It was interesting the men except DeWitt were the last to see through her. Its like they saw a younger Margo. Well she was but devious.

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