So, this is kinda a fun post, mixed with a bittersweet sentiment. So, trying to balance stuff out.

Lets get into the heavy stuff first. My previous psychiatrist left a month ago. I knew for a long time and I was ok with it. People have to move on. But today it's really hitting me.

I don't know how this new one operates. I got the impression she was nice and all, but that's it (I did meet with her before the old one left). I just feel like she won't get me. My old one saved my life, and I can't get over that. I want to hope for the best, and I'm trying. But that nagging voice everyone has in the back of their head (you know, the one that is totally negative) is saying otherwise. I just don't know.

Now onto the weird, but fun, thing.

Last night I wrote this post. If it doesn't show up, I'll give you the rundown. Girl gets email from former high school librarian/mentor. Mentor mentions he had a connection to the late Hunter S. Thompson (apparently the good doctor's birthday is coming up as well). Says (only adding this because his parlance is awesome): "I knew a chap who knew him". I am excited beyond belief and awaiting stories, which I will post when I get them. Nothing my mentor says fazes me-former CIA agent, gun runner, turned down an Oscar invite when I was in high school, has dubious underworld 'connections' (more than willing to tell more stories, like the Cuban Missile Crisis hints)-but


Flash forward to later that day. Found a mystery package at my door. When I opened it, I found that it was Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone: The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson. Proof:

An odd case of synchronicity, that's for sure. I wanted to believe it was some mind-reading stranger. But I emailed my dad, and he sent it to me. So, mystery solved, but the synchronicity still weirds me out.


So, that's my morning bitch fest/story time. I kinda wish it was my mentor that sent it-he reads my mind as well as he runs guns. Or starts 'security' firms.