Yet another article about how parents are ruining their kids - but in it, there is an interesting bit of analysis. The author notes that relationship problems were the most widely-report problems among college students until 1996, when anxiety took the top spot, and intimates that increased instances of stalking on college campuses is associated with an increase of anxiety among college students:

Relationship problems haven't gone away; their nature has dramatically shifted and the severity escalated. Colleges report ever more cases of obsessive pursuit, otherwise known as stalking, leading to violence, even death.

What does spur a person to become a stalker? Is it really anxiety? Is it an obsessive personality? Addictive personality? There has to be a psychological term for that. And is it really that stalking has increased or that there has been increased awareness that stalking is dangerous because it can lead to violence and even death? That can be part of domestic abuse? And have those obsessive, stalking behaviors increased among both men and women? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


(ETA: there are a number of other interesting aspects to this analysis - the effect of cell phones on kids' ability to plan ahead, etc. - so it's worth a read)