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A Negative Review of Veronica Mars!

Actually this review does a better job of summing up why I didn't like it

Am I the only one that didn't like it? Besides Wired, I mean. SPOILERS AHEAD



Just a few points off the top of my head

The Veronica Mars movie panders to the fans and it's a little insulting to our collective intelligence. We're used to rooting for the underdog, things not going our way/life being unfair - hell, our favorite show got cancelled after three seasons! But everything needs to be tidied up/wrapped up in a happy little ending for us in the movie - even though there are already guaranteed books/webisodes. I have a lot less of an incentive to watch those now (though I will)

1) One of the essential themes/pervading storylines in Veronica Mars is class warfare. Rich people get away with everything all the time -including in this movie. However, a boatload of rich well-connected people somehow get held hostage for many years by one creepy drug dealer because of a compromising photo. Somehow, the son of a US senator can't make the image/person disappear, they can't figure out that toxicology reports would show Susan Knight was drugged heavily and they can't pin the blame on the drug dealer!? And they can't record the conversations the dude has to pin blackmail charges on him either?!?!? The initial buildup led to a sore letdown of a plot.

2) Veronica Mars has Logan in her phonebook still even though she hasn't talked to him in 9 years complete with an up-to-date photo. They could've used a random number on the screen! Just as effective!


3) If Logan noticed the wire in the tub, he would never touch her/the water, avoiding shock/fingerprints, which would make the death a whole lot more suspicious.

4) People calling and leaving voice mails to discuss job offer/opportunity instead of via e-mail.


5) There were several complaints about stuffing all the cameos into pretty much a handful of scenes when they could've included recurring/old characters at (the karaoke bar, new york, the airport, the police department). That said, thoroughly enjoyed the James Franco cameo.

6) Veronica can't find a well respected law firm in Los Angeles? Or Southern California? Why doesn't she just do the PI thing while her dad is in the hospital until he's out? Mac is going to quit her cushy software job to help?!? She could just work at a startup or something.


7) One bad incident and Weevil relapses. Guess his family isn't that important. Even more so since there are people calling for the sheriff to get recalled and VMars is back in town - he still feels the need to rejoin the bike gang?

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