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A new liberal talking point that needs to stop.

So there have been some think-pieces about Hillary Clinton lately. About how she warned us about Trump’s white supremacy. And how, in hindsight, her “Basket of Deplorables” comment was 100% accurate. Seems like people are starting to realize how she shouldn’t have been crucified for saying that. And how there’s no point in trying to one-up the right when they’re so completely hypocritical that it’s like arguing with a literal sociopath.

And some people…some…are finally starting to realize that they should have voted for her. That she would not have been “just as bad” as Trump.

Of course, some so-called liberal men simply can’t deal with being wrong. So I’m seeing a new trend. That of the “I’m glad this is happening, because at least now it’s all out in the open. And we’re having a discussion! And we can finally get rid of these evil statues and Nazis!”


First off – BLM started this discussion years ago. At least, they started it in 2k. There have been many movements and happenings that called attention to racism in this country before then. How can you act like this is some new thing? Oh, I get it. Cause what you really mean is the race discussion wasn’t centered around white people and their feelings. Because for a lot of liberals, this nazi “surprise” is a way for them to lament about “PC culture” yet again. As if these white supremacists are just sad little white boys who got turned nazi because of diversity run amok.

Finally – stop talking as if this battle is won! Cause what’s really happened? Some statues came down, but most are still protected. People are “talking more,” but half those people are openly arguing FOR white supremacy. Some nazis finally got kicked off their web hosts or dating profiles? Oh wow, what a setback. THEY STILL HAVE THEIR GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE. THEIR PARTY STILL CONTROLS EVERY BRANCH OF THE GOVERNMENT. They might manage to steal TWO supreme court seats and shape law in this country for the next two generations. In the lower courts, Fanta Hitler is filling those seats up too!

Just because everyone is talking about it, and your favorite actor or writer is tweeting about it doesn’t actually mean anything is happening! AGAIN. This is PussyGate 2. Everyone is gonna wring their hands for a little bit. Post some shit to make themselves feel better about not being a literal nazi (good god that is a low bar), and then they’ll forget about it. Gamergate went on for months, and what came of that? Nothing. Do men now understand the plight of women better because the violent misogyny of the internet was “exposed”? Are they more willing to listen to what women have to say? Lol no!! One of them wrote a 10 page manifesto about how women are just naturally inferior, and the bulk of men agreed with him! After GG, they still voted for Trump. Gamergate formed the alt-right.

We haven’t “won” anything. Stop talking about how we’re gonna look back on this and blah blah blah. Cause right now we’re headed toward a future where we look back on this and say “gosh giving women the right to vote was such a failed experiment” and “good thing we got slavery back because otherwise America’s economy would have failed.”

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