Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm going to be standing on a pretty warm island, preaching to a choir on an iceberg here, but: this weekend is going to be shitty cold. I am only in Texas, but for me, it'll be Texas cold (in fairness, below a certain temperature I can't go outside because of the facial nerve- but in deference to actual cold temperatures y'all will see, you probably can't PHSICALLY leave some of your homes), so... can we have Groupdrink for Friday and Saturday nights?!*

I'm not a wine person, nor a beer person, but I will make a sacrafice and hit the liquor store for whiskey. But you, my favorite Groupthinkers, drink whatever you like!!
Strawberry B&J's?! Yes!
Chocolate milk?! Great choice!
Drink something! Water!
Lime-a-Rita Budlight? NO (unless your town has been looted, you've never tasted an actual beer or alcoholic beverage, a sadistic doctor prescribed it or it's the cheapest shit you can find and you don't mind the potential shame your family may feel if you freeze to death and this is what you are surrounded by in your icy coffin)! ETA: if your Lima-A-Rita habit started out as a joke, but it's a thing now, do you and your friends.


*Don't feel confined by CST definitions of "night."

I'm down here, also condoning groupsmoke if you have the means and the desire and the ability to so within your given career choice


ETA: You guys can sleep on the other half of my bed!! (Um...on my computer, but you're always welcome. Given I sorta know you.)

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