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I’m surprised this hasn’t made it’s way to these parts yet. (unless it has. But, I don’t think so, I did 2 searches, so.. Science!)

I’m usually soft on non-apologies, since not everyone has heard that you can’t just say a random sorry and everything’s ok, and phrasing feelings can be hard. But this is an acutal one sentence “I’m sorry people were offended but I still think I’m right”.


I also wonder if he thinks non-hetero/non-cis people should work alone.

And whether the fact that though I have no romantic feelings for her, my same-state-of-mind-and-matching-sense-of-humor colleague distracts me a lot. My super boring male co-workers do not, I’ll even work harder so they won’t chat with me.

And if an employee starts crying after you critique her, it’s probably because she’s been making 80 hour weeks, hasn’t gotten anywhere because that’s the way lab research is or heard from you in months and now suddenly you rain shit on her. Because that’s what 80% of professors do.

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