Ms. Reynoldsismyspiritguide wrote this piece yesterday about Larry Wilmore's Minority Report. She stated it is likely going to be a panel-style show (like Real Time with Bill Maher). I just wanted to talk about it in our happy space of rainbows because I am MP Fatigued.

So what do you guys think? About the panel format and anything else?

I, for one, really like him on the Daily Show and I think he'll do great. I, like a commenter on the MP, am a little wary of the panel style for a 20 minute show (but unlike commenters on the MP, I'm not going to pretend I know better than Comedy Central writers and shoot it down before I've seen it).

Another criticism the commenters have is that while white guys like Stewart and Colbert get to carry the show on their own, they won't let the black guy do it. That is a legitimate criticism; my only doubt about that is because of this, said by Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless:

"This is the African American point of view, the female point of view, the Latino point of view, on all issues of the day. It's holistic—it's not just about looking at a black point of view and black issues. It's giving these underrepresented voices an opportunity to be heard on all issues."


I think it's a good idea to involve lots of different minority* viewpoints, since that is the purpose of the show. It would be pretty shitty to claim it is about minority viewpoints but only really focus on the viewpoint of one minority. Also, the comments are largely assuming the Wilmore won't have the same "creative control" that Colbert of Stewart have, or that Comedy Central has taken something from him. I don't know how these things are structured, but assuming he has had nothing to do with any decision-making, or assuming that he will have little creative control over his show seems...unfair. I could be wrong, though.

Now, I'm a white lady so I'm just going to state these thoughts and let that be the end of it (and I'm not going to argue in one direction or another because fuck if I know). Obviously, this show is not going to mean to me what it might mean to someone else.



*I hate calling "women" a minority. People call women as a whole a "minority" when they just mean, "another marginalized group, similar to minorities." My white lady experience is not that of a true minority.