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A note to my past (inebriated) self

'Sup sings? You're feeling pretty good right now. The wine with dinner was delicious, and free-flowing. We're lucky that those type of occasions are a thing for us. But we need to talk.

In case this comes up again, don't commit your future self (aka, me this morning) to walking for 35 minutes to work in -23 degrees Farenheit (-5 Celcius) with the other ladies in town on business when you have taxi money approved for your business trip.

While I appreciate your largesse in considering our fitness needs, it is fuckin' cold outside and you live in southern California. Even though you grew up in a cold cold Canadian city, your four years of living in temperate climates has ill-prepared us for this venture. Not only that, but to our poor tired body, it is only 4:45 AM back home.


Wish my freezing dumb-ass luck guys. I hope there's coffee at the office on the other side.

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