So my daughter hops in the car yesterday and reports that she will have a substitute all week. I asked her how it went, and she said "I don't like this lady, mom."

Ok, that's normal. Kids tend not to like subs, especially when you have a cool teacher. But I was making conversation about her day so I asked her, "Why not Big C ?"

"She called one of the girls dumb. She said 'you are not very smart, are you? No, you are totally dumb."

Big C was pissed, I could tell and she went on about how everyone heard it, she ended her outrage with, "Grown ups should not talk to students that way, we are learning and their job is to be nice." and she was 100% correct. I pulled over and felt myself full of FUCKING RAGE! "Excuse me, what?" I asked, I had been driving and I wanted all the details again so I could process better. "She called another girl in my class dumb, can you email the principal?"


And I grabbed my phone and emailed the principal.I don't understand. Who the hell does this lady think she is calling a student dumb? What does that do to a child (who is anywhere between 8-9 years old) and their self-esteem, when an adult in an educational setting insults your intelligence? It has been 24 hours and I have not heard anything back from this dude. What is worse, is that this lady came back to the classroom and while my kid did not say she called anyone dumb today, it happened once and it was enough to fuck up the feeling of safety in that space.

Why is the principal not acknowledging my email? He could have at least said, "I will look into it." But nothing. What do I do you guys? Do I go talk to this lady myself? DO I wait for the principal? DO I just GO OVER HIS HEAD? I am not ok with this just happening, know what I mean?